1-on-1 Personal Training

Focused on results & adapting a healthy lifestyle!

  • Baseline Assessment - we will assess you for any underlying issues with your movements or ranges of motion in specific joints. We will also go over some of your current habits - eating, workout and sleeping. From there we will discuss what the best approach will be to accomplish your goals!
  • Monthly Re-Assessments - to ensure results we need to track progress and that is what we like to do with our re-assessments. We will re-test range of motions and other measurable factors that address the clients goal, with hopes that things are headed in the right direction!
  • Tissue Treatment & Warm-Up - now that we understand your body and where it needs to improve. Whether it be you suffering from joint or muscle pain with exercise or someone dealing from chronic pain, this tissue treatment is for you. We aim to correct your bodies issues by implementing trigger point therapy, soft/deep tissue work and some manual stretching techniques. Warm-ups are individualized to help correct movement patterns of the muscle treated prior. 
  • Nutritional & Supplemental Guidance Packet - Updated monthly to ensure we have the latest information, from food to exercise, we keep our clients up to date. The current packet is 13 pages long including: 30+ healthy recipe options, information on weight loss, calorie deficit, supplementation recommendations for weight loss, general health & much more! Available to 1-on-1 & contracted clients only.
  • Undivided attention - of our educated coaches, including "Tell, Show, Do" approach to exercise explanations. Form and technique are always strongly enforced to limit injury and ensure efficient exercise  
  • Private & comfortable - 500-sq foot facility, only the coach and client during training hours 



 *** Please call for personal training pricing and availability (631) 871-4489 ***