1-on-1 Personal Training

Private & comforting training studio

Individualized to client's needs and goals

Individualized meal plans for ALL 1-on-1 clients 

Experience working with all fitness levels & ages - first timers to advanced lifters!

Optional monthly check-ins for accountability

About our 1-on-1 Training:

  • Baseline Assessment - body weight, body fat percentage, circumference measurements, etc. These are so we have a starting point, to know and guide us in our progress with your goals! From there we will discuss what the best approach will be to accomplish your goals!
  • Monthly Re-Assessments - to ensure results we need to track starting point and progress. Although we do not want to obsess over the scale, if losing weight is one of your goals it is something we should be tracking, so these monthly assessments are great for keeping us on track.
  • Individualized meal plans - all 1-on-1 client's receive a personalized meal plan directed towards their goals.
  • Education & knowledge - our educated coaches share our knowledge with you, helping you adapt a healthy lifestyle not just follow directions. Form and technique are always strongly enforced to limit injury and ensure efficient use of time. 

Weight Loss & Toning 

Injury Prevention & Post Rehab

Strength & Conditioning / Sports Specific