Sports Massage & Stretch


Sports massages are great for anyone dealing with aches and pains throughout their daily routines or during their workouts. It is also a great way to maintain healthy muscle tissue and prevent injuries and aches, if not dealing with them.

Cupping Therapy (after)

We tell our gym-goers and clients all the time that if you are going to put your body thru extreme stress and performance then it is a good idea to have some sort of massage therapy into your routine as well. 

SPORTS MASSAGES help increase blood circulation to dysfunctional muscle tissue. It will also help decrease muscle fiber adhesions and improve function and mobility of that muscle if body mechanics trained properly afterwards.

Post blading - increased blood flow to areas shown

Just like high performance race cars, which get maintenance work done all the time from change of tires to oil and gears, it is important for a high performance athlete to do the same!

Cupping Therapy (after)
The session consists of a thorough assessment of your movement and posture, along with range of motion measurements of your shoulders, hips, etc. Once assessed the client will receive recovery modalities (listed below) best suited for their issue at that time, followed by a stretch of those areas worked on. 
The duration of your initial treatment is roughly 60-90 minutes to gather all the information for the assessment and complete the session.
Returning clients receive 60-minute sessions.
**Please wear gym clothing** 


      • Evaluation & Movement Analysis
      • Goniometric measurements 
      • Deep/Soft tissue therapy
      • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM/Blading)
      • RockTape and/or Cupping Therapy (if needed for your issue)
      • PNF & other stretching techniques at the end of tissue therapy