At-Home Private Training


At-home training is great for anyone looking to get in shape, whether your not into the gym scene, running on a tight schedule, or just looking for a change, this is for you!

We bring weights, bands, music, mats & other equipment to you (picture below)
All we need is a small clear area to train (~10'/10')
Prevention & Performances personal training incorporates a progressive strength training program for all ages
We progress our clients all differently and all up to their comfort zone (& past if they want it!)
We typically start new weight lifters with band and body weight movements and progress them into free weight and other more advanced movements
Keep in mind each program and session is designed to YOUR personal goals and YOUR personal difficulty level, so exercises will be progressed and regressed as needed.


  • 60-minute personal training session in your home 
  • Baseline measurements & monthly re-evalations to keep on track 
  • Personalized exercise programming for your goals 
  • Nutritional guidance & ways to track meals 
  • Pre & Post sports massage therapy (if needed/wanted)
  • Post workout table stretch