Group Training Sessions

Group Training 

Group Training: 2+ People 

Great for those who want to crush a common goal together! Affordable, supportive & productive - let's make a change today!

  • Monthly re-evaluations - which help us make sure we are progressing and staying on track with our goals
  • Nutritional & Supplemental Guidance Packet - Updated monthly to ensure we have the latest information, from food to exercise, we keep our clients up to date. The current packet is 13 pages long including: 30+ healthy recipe options, information on weight loss, calorie deficit, supplementation recommendations for weight loss, general health & much more! Available to 1-on-1 & contracted clients only.
  • Undivided attention of our educated coaches, including "Tell, Show, Do" approach to exercise explanations. Form and technique are always strongly enforced to limit injury and ensure efficient exercise  
  • Private & comfortable 500-sq foot facility, only the coach and client during training hours 
  • Stay motivated with friends & tackle your goals together!