- Brenda 

"I used to think personal trainers were for athletes, not for middle aged women with back problems. I never thought I would use one, let alone require one. When I first started working with Rob, I was looking at a 3rd back surgery. I was in constant pain, and on daily medication. I had back and hip pain and could barely move. I was overweight but couldn't exercise because of the pain. 

After working with Rob for a few months I am pain free for the first time in 15 years. Using his meal plan and exercise program I have lost over 40 lbs and I'm doing more at the gym than I ever thought was possible. Thanks to his constant support and patience he has gotten me close to my goals. I highly recommend Rob to anyone with any kind of pain issues, he is definitely good at what he does."


- Christina 

"If you are considering coming here, please don’t hesitate. Rob is amazing at what he does. I’ve been going to him for about 9 months, and i absolutely love the progress."


- Eileen   


I had tried everything and gained 10 pounds on Weight watchers. I am 53 and started with Rob at Prevention Performance last September. I finally have results after nothing else was working. I have lost 40+ pounds and many sizes. The workouts are efficient and safe. I have not been injured since I started so I was able to continue. This was the best decision I have made. I hope you try it."


- Olympia  


"Being a mom and working full time made it extremely difficult for me to get to the gym. I have tried various online videos and fad diets with minimal results.

It became evident for me that the only way to get back in shape was to exercise with the help of a personal trainer. Coach Rob provided me with structured exercise and nutritional programs personalized for me with ongoing assessment and evaluation. With his help I have seen SIGNIFICANT weight loss with muscle strengthening and toning. I strongly believe his degree in Exercise Science is a vital component of his teaching and exercise regimen. Using his expertise and knowledge was the best health decision I made."


- Mary  

"I have joined several different gyms through the years and did not follow through. Working with Rob is making such a difference. After the first session I knew that I would follow through. I feel so much better and look forward to each work out. Try one session and you will want more!" 


- Pat  

"I highly recommend Prevention & Performance Training!!! I have been working with Rob for a few months after meniscus surgery and I am so pleased with my progress. I am stronger then I have ever been!!!"


- Erika

"If you are looking for a trainer who keeps you accountable in a nonjudgmental way Rob is the trainer for you. He does a thorough evaluation, creates a plan to help you achieve your goals and best of all does it without injury!!! I’ve never had a trainer who addresses your specific imbalances so well. Each session begins and ends with activation of muscular groups, massage and stretches to avoid injury."